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Once upon a time, when any fancy eBook software or device was yet to be created, searching the internet, one could only find 2 publishers interested to venture in the field. One in the UK and another one somewhere else.... Or, at least, this is what the search engines at the time wanted you to believe. As a matter of fact, there weren't that many eBooks available, either, only a few and hardly anyone checked them out. Meanwhile, in Bucharest - Romania, a temperamental author was getting fed up with the nonsense she was being given from a traditional publishing house, where she had submitted a manuscript. So she went online, found out about eBooks and sent 2 emails, one to the publisher in the UK and another, to the one somewhere else. The publisher somewhere else never replied. But the one in the UK did. And this is how an important chapter in the history of the internet started. The result was a short humor novel, with colorful graphics, an ingenious presentation in the browser and an optional Word version also available for download. This eBook went to a staggering number of over 1,500 visitors/readers in less than 3 days (we are speaking about 1999) and quickly stirred the interest of the geeks and the mainstream media. On the grounds of this accomplishment, the Romanian author received an invitation to a writers conference in the USA, where she has been residing happily, ever since. While working on the eBook, the author was envisioning glorious times when her works could be read on the cell phones, while the publisher was more concerned about how a delivery of literature in such format could be read in the bathtub, in order to really gain undoubted popularity. Soon after, eBook software started popping up, all over the internet, like mushrooms after the rain, and all following the rich media presentation model created by the two. Within a few years, the eBook industry and market were booming and will always go strong. The publishing company where everything started still exists as a website, but its activity has long stopped. The author could have chosen to take her book, reformat it and sell it on Kindle, but why mess with its original charm and a landmark in history?

The name of the publisher in the UK is Gary Cahalane and the author is no one other but the undersigned. I invite you to visit and relive happy memories during times when not even spam was common practice. And I also invite you to read my eBook with a mysterious intrigue where true love prevails and conquers all. And by "all" I mean money, sex and power, and other funny little perks that make the world go round... and nuts. So, it's not lame at all. Wishing you a good time, for about an hour, because this is how long it takes to go through it all. And in case you will consider reading it on your cell phone while sitting in your bathtub, it will mean a lot to Gary and I. Keep us posted!

Floriana Fabian

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