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Here are a few things you should know, when posting comments to

1) If your comment doesn't appear immediately after posting, it may be flagged for review, for the following reasons:.

  • The system will automatically recognize curse words and/or slurs, based on blacklists. The comments containing these words will be flagged, as a consequence. Some of these comments may still appear, if the moderator decides that the flagged terms were not posted with malicious intentions and were relevant to the context of a fair discussion.
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  • Your comment has been flagged by readers. However, the readers who abuse this feature, simply because they do not agree with someone's comment, will be banned from the site. Flag responsibly.
  • Sometimes, flagging can occur due to system errors.

2) What will get your comment deleted:

  • Personal attacks against the website owner or administrator, author of a post, other commenters, or persons mentioned in the comments, including but not limited to: name calling, malicious assumptions, bad jokes, aggressive and negative comments, obnoxious behavior, irrational trolling, and everything else defined by applicable law and common sense as hate speech. Offending comments will not be tolerated on either sides.

3) What will get your account banned.

  • Repeated engagement in malicious commenting, flagging, harassing, or annoying other people and clearly derailing the conversation, with disrespectful and raging display of behavior, just to make a point. A warning will be given to a user once and if the unacceptable attitude continues, they will be banned from the site. However, sometimes, banning may occur without warning, as the Disqus platform allows webmasters to see a user's patterns of behavior on other member-sites. 

It is at the sole discretion of the website owner and administrators to delete any comment and to ban anyone found to be detrimental to the comment section and site, in general.

4) One purpose of this site is to host meaningful discussions, in a positive atmosphere, from which all of us can learn, improve ourselves and make our lives more beautiful. A website is nothing but somebody's place in the virtual space and it should be treated like somebody's place. You don't go to somebody's house to crash a party and start fights with the host and the guests because you know that there'll be consequences. Maintain a safe, civilized, and friendly environment, for everyone, and you will be welcome and appreciated forever.