I am noticing a new trend on Youtube, lately. If I were to rely on some videos I've seen, many female celebrities that I don't necessarily like (on the contrary) would be... MEN! These videos, I suppose, want to make me believe that these persons sold not only their souls but also their pants and their boxers for high paying jobs as undercover men. And while I agree with their souls being sold, I don't agree with the logic of the rest. The most solid argument these people bring forward is based on the Golden Ratio of human proportions. However, what these people forget or don't know is that artists have been using this criterion as an ideal reference and even modified it a little bit, so their works looked better. But in the real world, nobody is born perfect, symmetrically and geometrically correct. Based on the statements of these overnight experts in human proportions, someone has to be a man or a woman if the forefinger and the ring finger are shorter or longer, compared to each other. Palmistry, on the other hand, says that this proportion has to do with someone's confidence, ego, emotion, and creativity. And who knows what someone else has to say about it? However, I still incline towards palmistry, because body features are a reflection of who we are on the inside and can change over time. Ask a criminologist... I also hear on Youtube, that broad shoulders and narrow hips are only for men. A bunch of bolognas! How about women athletes, swimmers or gymnasts, for example? Are all those men as well? If I haven't known some of them personally since childhood, I might have been convinced. I think that you have to have informed yourself well enough before you put your opinions out there. While men wearing dresses are gracing the catwalk these days, that doesn't mean that every woman with androgynous looks is a man wearing a dress.

There are many factors that influence how a person is built. The human body is constantly changing, with food, physical condition, external circumstances, and even one's thoughts. How about climate, genetics, exercise, particularly bodybuilding and most importantly hormones? Women with beard and man with boobs have existed forever. However, due to modern nutrition, they have tremendously multiplied. And how about fashion? Because androgyny has always been considered refinement, in style. While men dressed like women are still perceived as awkward and funny, women in male apparel come out as sexy. Remember male hippies with a slender figure and long locks? How many of you, baby boomers haven't chased one down the street, thinking you spotted a hot chick? And how many times haven't you been disappointed when discovered that the chick wore a beard and mustache and had a baritone voice Barry White could not compete with? Just decades ago, muscular or heavy-set women were not in fashion. Very thin women with tiny hips and quite broad shoulders, by comparison, were in style. Watch some old movies. Chunky ladies with long necks and stubby legs made the delight of past centuries. Look at some paintings.

I wouldn't be surprised to find myself as the talk of the town, for actually being a man, even after giving birth to two kids. I have an athletic body, my hands are strong and my ring finger is slightly longer than the index. I also have prominent facial features and a very independent nature. If you don't know, don't talk. And if you want to know, ask my exes and my current significant other. And no, none of them is gay.

Regardless of gender, the somatotype taxonomy defines three body types,: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Ectomorph is the straight, long and lean type of body, with shoulders and hips of equal size. Mesomorph is the athletic type of body, with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Endomorph is the body type with the highest tendency towards gaining weight, with narrow shoulders and wide hips. However, this is also a general model, as many present characteristics of two or even three body types. To illustrate all this, I took my time and made the beautiful drawing above, so that anyone can easily understand. You may download the picture, play on it with stickers, put pants or dresses on the three little humanoids, mustaches or up-dos. The pattern will fit both genders. Can we chill now?

By the way, some believe that even Mona Lisa was a dude. So, I should be flattered if someone took me for a man. Mark that I haven't met Mona Lisa in person, too. I'm not that old. So, in this regard, I accept that you don't agree with me on this one... Mona Lisa's name might have actually been Monaldo Luigi di Doppiomento and her/his surname meant double chin in Italian. In this case, I totally am in consense with y'all out there concerned with the matter. We should actually lose sleep over it! But if Mona Lisa was just an ugly chick, don't be mean...