I know, I know, everyone claims that what they do or sell is better than everybody else's. Until you figure out that there is still something better out there and for much less. You won't have an issue with my price because most of the information I provide is free and enough to help you change the things that you may want to change about yourself.

Beauty is not something I planned to become an expert in, but you know the ugly duckling story... The duck turned into a swan all of a sudden, just because nature took its course. Unfortunately, nature and I weren't too close in my early years, because of stress and bullying by members of my family, teachers, and kids at school, overfeeding with 5 mandatory meals a day, terrible allergies that hardly gave me a break, and so on. But, at the same time, an insignificant future did not fit well with me, either. I did feel like ugly poultry, in most of my girlfriends' company and I decided that I had to do something about it.

I learned a few tips on beauty and style from my mom, maybe the most important ones. But I felt like I was wasting them on myself, the way I looked and felt. So, when I was 12, I started developing some routines, to give nature a kick and change myself. There wasn't too much information at the time, on the topic. I was living in Bucharest, Romania and the communist press was more concerned with the country's keeping up with our government's planned economic growth. So, most of what I did was pure intuition. Little did I know at the time that I was altering no nature, but I was going back to my real self. And I must have done something right, because my methods proved to do wonders, now that I hit 55 and no one can believe it. I have none of the aging signs common to those my age: no wrinkles, no sagging skin, no varicose veins, none! And according to present standards, I didn't fit in the healthiest lifestyle either. I still smoke cigarettes, but I hardly ever touch alcohol and I totally have a no-no attitude towards drugs. I take care of myself and I don't take care of myself. I eat healthily and I don't eat healthily. I exercise and I don't exercise. I am too busy to keep up with all that and I also lack a lot of sleep. Sometimes because I have obligations and sometimes, because I enjoy so much what I'm doing, that I give up on sleep. But most importantly, I haven't had any work done. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

You may think that being in showbiz gave me access to great beauticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, stylists, etc. To tell you the truth, it did, but not all of them were as great as you think. When I was lucky to work with great ones, however, I did do my best to learn their tricks. So, probably around 98% of my career when I had to be in charge of my looks, due to those lucky encounters, I was all set and ready to apply shades, only in the right places. I have never spent fortunes on cosmetics and most often, I used ingredients I had in the kitchen. To this day, I do my own makeup, hair, nails, skincare treatments and I haven't stepped into a beauty salon since 1999 when my agent demanded it. And I wasn't happy with the result, no one was... Sometimes, I stumble upon an infomercial or a makeover show and I don't agree with most of what I'm seeing. Then, I turn around in bed, thinking: "Why did they have to straighten that woman's hair? She looked so much better with her natural curls..."

My beauty and self-care system is very easy to follow, inexpensive, unpretentious, widely available, totally pain-free and least time-consuming. What it is not, I can tell you right now: IT IS NOT A NO-BRAINER! Because in whatever you will do for your beauty and well being, you will have to use your brain. Oh, sorry, I guess I forgot to mention that my sexiest asset is my brain... I show it off like cleavage.

There are principles at the core of everything in this world and once you figure them out, they become your best friends. Follow my future posts and learn all about it.