The last 2 days I have been busy working on this graphic. There's something very funny about it because I started drawing with a philosophical-cosmological idea in mind and it turned out into something hinting towards the window of a sweets shop. This is not something that normally happens to me, so I think that my subconsciousness popped out to let me know me that I haven't been having or craving any sweets, lately... And had not even been aware of it!... Again, not something usual for me at all, either. So, I took the final product as a sweet reward of a different nature and titled it "Sweets". Now it's up for sale, for $65. Do you like "Sweets"? Because, if you do, a digital version of it can be yours for free, with any purchase over $20, at the exclusive pre-sale on my Avon store, during November 16 through November 22. Use the code AVONBLACK at the checkout and after you complete your purchase, send me a copy of your receipt. The digital copy of the poster will be emailed to you, with printing instructions.