Coupons for organic food are not widely available. However, the one-time set it and forget it process below will lead to a happier outcome and will spare you of endless clipping.

1. Cash Back Card

Shop with a cash back card. You may say, "Are you kidding me, lady? I cannot afford organic cucumbers for a reason!" I understand, If you are on a very low budget, chances are that a cashback credit card may not be an option. But if you can, open a bank account that comes with a cash back debit card. If you cannot find such a bank or your credit is so bad that this is not an option either, get a prepaid debit card with American Express Serve. This is an excellent card. Or, if you have higher aspirations, open a PayPal account and turn it into a business one. You can conduct business as an individual, no corporate entity needed. A PayPal business account comes with a cash back debit card, that can be backed up by your bank account. No need to keep money in your PayPal account. If you don't have a bank account, the account of any prepaid card should work just fine. Both American Express Serve and Paypal Business will give you unlimited 1% cash back. As a bonus, PayPal Business also comes with a free card reader, to use with your cell phone. Not only that this will help you take some future business to another level, but people who owe you money will no longer get away with the excuse, "Sorry, I don't have any cash on me". You can tell them to swipe their card. 

2. Saving Apps

There are lots of savings apps for cell phones that you can use. The most popular that I know of are Ibotta and SavingStar and use a rebate system. While savings on organic items are quite limited on these apps, on Ibotta you are still earning rebates from all your Facebook friends who are also using it to shop. However, there are many other items you may need that you can save on. Most often, Ibotta and Savings Star will provide similar grocery coupons so you will be able to double-save.

3. Home Delivery

It may appear expensive at the first glance, but using a home delivery service will actually save you money. First, you won't have to burn gas all over the place, to find organic ingredients. Plus, when you buy online, the choices are at your fingertips and you can easily compare prices from different merchants in the same marketplace. Second, I am sure that you can find something much better to do with your time rather than spend it for grocery shopping. The third reason is that you can make money from your referrals' shopping as well.

As an Amazon Prime member, for a $99 annual fee, you will get various benefits, including free shipping. This is where you can buy organic oil, nuts, seeds, spices, all sorts of seaweed, and pretty much everything that is not frozen or produce. For an extra monthly or yearly fee (depending on the area), you can add the Amazon Fresh service and get all the frozen items and produce you want, from locally grown carrots to Thai young coconuts. 

If Amazon Fresh is not available where you live, try InstacartFreshDirect, or FoodKick. Or simply look up on Google: "groceries home delivery in my area". Instacart offers coupons and a store card, while FreshDirect, when linked with BeFrugal will offer coupons and 12% cash back. 

4. Refer Others

Most of these services will also pay you for referring others, directly to your bank account, via PayPal, or with gift cards of your choice. Now you're in business. Congratulations!

Do still have excuses to eat junk food?


Do you love your card? Yes? Good... Why not make it irresistible? Do you happily live in the now, swiping it for unlimited 1% cash back, but still paycheck to paycheck? You might have heard that you have to work smarter, not harder... Actually, you won't have to work at all, just keep shopping... And your card will take care of your future!

For this, download the Acorns app and link it to your bank/card account. Every time you'll swipe your card, Acorns will round up the change of your purchases to $1 or to any cent amount you set and will invest it for you. For example, if 2 organic cucumbers cost you $3.98, Acorns will invest 2¢. With compound investing, the amount you invest will grow incredibly fast because life pushes you to swipe that card more often than you want and think. And if you were to start turning this disadvantage into an advantage, at this very moment, your return on investment would be 1.47%... And you'll also earn by referring others... My two cents...