There are 3 major reasons that will prevent many from switching to a plant-based diet:
  1. the fear of not getting enough protein,
  2. the fear of being hungry, and...
  3. the fear of not being able to afford to buy enough food... to get full!
O-M-G!... Nothing further from the truth!...

I am not going to get into how much more protein we can get from veggies, nuts, and beans, versus eating meat and dairy. And also, I'm not going to get into how much better for the body is to consume vegetable rather than animal protein. This is not the subject of this article. But I can guarantee that the last thing you'll experience on a plant-based diet will be hunger. And I can guarantee that your will start stressing out less and less about shopping for groceries. And your wallet will thank you, too.

First of all, if you want to launch yourself on a vegan journey, nobody talks about the transition and its ups and downs. Forget about it! You don't have to quit cold turkey eating meat. You don't have to quit cold turkey treating yourself with some junk GMO snack that tastes great now but tomorrow will make you feel like you have a hangover. Keep the mindset: "I am a vegan!" Don't underestimate the power of your brain. And what will happen will be that when you'll feel sick and guilty, admitting to yourself that you shouldn't have gotten off track, will be much more powerful than a ton of motivational quotes. And you'll get back to it.

From my own experience, transitioning overnight to a raw vegan diet can be very gratifying, if you manage to fix yourself meals that resemble what you've been used to eating for a lifetime... fake burgers, fake fries, fake lasagna, fake this or that. And I have to admit, they are delicious. But that will take up all your time, so I don't advise to do that. Plus, if you have been used to eating a lot, you will still want to eat a lot, in the beginning, no matter how much more nutritious the fresh organic produce can be. And you won't be able to cross the street to the convenience store for a vegan snack when you run out of food. What I advise is to make the transition easier for yourself.

Start with filling recipes and ingredients, that you can cook in no time. And you can find tons of recipes, all over the internet. Start with vegetable stew or stir-fry, for example. What you'll need will be potatoes, carrots, onions, eventually mushrooms, parsley or cilantro. Extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. All organic, or as organic as you can find. You will need the coconut oil for cooking and the extra virgin olive oil for salad dressing. So, also add to your grocery list a few lemons (also for salad dressing) and salad leaves. This can be enough for you to fix dinner, for a few days. Also, grab some bananas for breakfast or dessert. You can also make milk from them. Compare that to filling up your cart with meats, boxes of macaroni and cheese, frozen fries, hamburger helpers, cheeses, and gallons of milk... All GMO! Cook from scratch. It's as easy and sometimes faster.

TIP: Cooking with coconut oil is much economical. You will use much less and you will get much less food sticking to the pan. It doesn't break down at high heat and is incredibly healthy. If you don't like it, use olive oil for sauteing only, but the virgin one is great for salads and for your skin. Same the coconut oil. Use them as face and body lotion, makeup remover, in your face masks, and on your hair. There you go! You'll also save on skincare.

If you still crave meat, once in a while, go and buy meat from a butcher. I am lucky to have a Pakistani store across the street from my home. The meats they sell are excellent, fresh, from grass-fed animals, hormone, antibiotics, and preservative-free. Plus they cost so much less! You will see that fresh meat will not weigh on your scale and your liver and kidneys like fast food burgers or the meat at the grocery store.

If you get into the habit of eating like this, your need to snack between the meals will disappear. You will no longer crave large entres, with lots of sides, anymore. Grocery shopping will become much easier and less time-consuming. As a bonus, you will work much less on cleaning the kitchen and you will support your local farmers. But the biggest bonus of all will show in your great physical health, endurance, mood, and your waist. 

Now that I showed you how to bring sexy back, stay tuned for the part 2 of this article, where I will show you not only how to save more money on organic food, but also make some money in the process. Stay practical, internet...