I am a melting pot of talents, skills, and knowledge, which is a blessing, nevertheless. I have an unusual drive to be informed and up to date, on all kind of topics. And I have to admit that I have no problem spending even outrageous amounts of money for the information I need and for trying new useful things. I always put my knowledge and resources to good use, when necessary. Otherwise, what sense would it make? However, I never considered becoming a guru, because I have more fun as a doer than an observer. And I don't enjoy at all teaching per se, I'd rather teach by example.

This is why, most people only know me from singular angles, only as an artist, or only as a businesswoman, for example. And I'm totally fine with that. I went to school to study various forms of arts and proved myself in the respective industries, but performing is what I love doing most. And I also have enough business certifications and credentials to successfully handle commerce, e-commerce, trade and consulting, if I want or need to. Yet my knowledge and skills expand past these fields. Those who stick with me longer and closer get to figure this out. Soon, they start reacting to me like little kids who have Santa with his bottomless bag of surprises and infinite joy, in the middle of summer, as a regular customer, at their lemonade stand. They become happier and happier to see me and the more we can spend time together, the better it gets. Definitely, I'm fine with that! But there are only so many good surprises one can handle from me, in a given amount of time. Plus I also have a personal life to attend to. From that point, people start having all sorts of adverse reactions to me and if they keep it like that, we have to part ways. And I'm fine with that, too.

However, there are also the few who have managed to stay with me for years and accept me for the know-it-all and jack of all trades that I am. And not only that they love me for that, but they also appreciate the greatest benefit that I bring to the table of our liaison. And what would that be? In simple words: when they need advice, they come to me. And that's pretty much daily. And I'm fine with that, absolutely! I'm a good friend. And I gladly share my knowledge with them, sometimes for hours at a time, only to find out that, right after, they went shopping for irrelevant advice somewhere else, they followed it and miserably failed at whatever they wanted to accomplish. And then, they ask me to refresh their memory, with what I have told them the day before. With that, I'm not fine!

An old, wise Romanian proverb says that "the preacher won't toll the bell twice, for a deaf old lady". And why would he? Because if the deaf old lady won't hear the bell, she also won't hear what the preacher has to say at the mess. And if the old lady just wants to go to church to learn nothing and rather socialize, waste time, vent, whine or get attention, she might as well start clubbing, talk to random strangers and bug the bartender.

This said, don't get me wrong, I still love my close ones. What would my life be without them? They offer me a lot and in turn, I've been learning a lot from them, too. But... It's not them, it's me. I just don't do well, with slow-paced processing. This way, when they are ready to also open their ears and eyes to an enriching conversation, they can turn to this website, to get what they want. I may reply via a chat window... If I install one.

So, this was the first reason why I decided to also put my life hacks, on the web, on only one website which would be the reflection of what I entirely do for a living, from now on. No more separate sites and domains for every business activity I'm involved in, at a certain time! The second reason would be that, with the traditional television having little to nothing to offer today, someone may get bored, go online, stumble on my website and find it interesting, because, mentally, they are ready for what I have to say and offer. Then, (daydreaming) come back again, give a like, post a comment, share it with others, make a purchase, become my affiliate and, without even being aware of it, I will start making money even while snoozing on a Caribbean beach. Then everybody will unconditionally love me and throw me a surprise party, at the end of each day, when I will be waking up from my beach naps (end of daydreaming)...

Now, what about "6 Colors"? Nothing much. Every product needs a name and this is what came to my mind. ( Actually, it's not even a product that you can buy from my store, but rather a bunch of ideas that I post here, whenever they pop into my mind.) "6 Colors" sounded good to me and it matched my 6 color logo. The logo was inspired by the Flower of Life and this was not by chance. The name Floriana comes from the word "flower" and taking into account that Floriana can help you make yourself and your life more beautiful, all these came together. The colors in the logo are the main colors of the visible spectrum because we are all nothing but light signaling energy mass, translated by photosensitive cells into colorful shapes that make us appear unique to the eyes of others. If you think that this sounds complicated, revisit the anatomy book or E = mc 2, Einstein's special relativity theory equation, where matter aka mass (m) and energy (E) can be converted into each other, when the speed of light comes into play. So, simply speaking, we are beings of light, with the capacity to shapeshift at will and jump from a planet to another, by teleportation means... they say. Now you may choose to start practicing to accomplish these or you may choose to start shining as bright as possible, with your current abilities. If you chose the latter, then stick around.