11 11

11.11.2017: My new website was officially launched on 11.11.2017. And no, I didn't plan for this date. I just happened to finish setting up the pages and the advertising campaigns on 11/11, just a little bit after midnight, after a few busy years when I hardly had time to be online. I looked up the significance of 11 11 and this is the explanation I liked most: "This is big. You'll remember this day as a turning point... 11:11 are one of the many clues and devices you planted for yourself to activate your memory of... the Larger Being that you really are. Before you came to this life, you knew becoming human would cloud your perception and fog your vision... But you, wise one, weren't worried. You pre-planned ways to wake yourself up again... 11:11 isn't the highway, it's just a sign that says, "Here's the entrance ramp." Once you're on the highway... 11:11's job is done." (Lola Jones - divineopenings.com) I've never met this lady, nor have ever seen her website before, but I found her explanation so accurate... And I thought I'd share.